I bought this book from our church bookstore and read it and loved every bit of it. I was going to write a book review on it. Then in our church magazine I see that one of our staff pastors beat me to the punch and did a better job than I would have so I thought I would share it with you.

(Who Is Jesus?) Book Review By Pastor Al Leston

If ever a book was written that needed to be read by both believers and non- believers the book, “Who Is Jesus?” is that book.  This little book will open your mind and heart to the things about Jesus that you knew and may have forgotten. It is a book for the skeptic, the curious, the doubting Christian and the believing Christian about the Savior.  If you are a non-believer it will  challenge you to search for the truth about Jesus, and if you are a believer you will be reminded of the necessity of Jesus in your life.  Maybe you don’t know Jesus, if that’s the case this book will introduce you to Him.  Or maybe you do know Jesus, well this book will enhance your knowledge of our true Savior.

Greg Gilbert the writer, is the Senior Pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky.  In his book he is not trying to introduce us to new ways to look at Jesus, but he wants us to really know Jesus in a very personal way.  He presents and encourages us to examine the actual historical truth about Who Is Jesus?  Where do you go to learn about Jesus?  There are many books written about Jesus, but only one book is completely accurate, the Bible.  As you read Who is Jesus?, you will be forced to pick up your Bible and check the scriptures for yourself.  The truths in this book are based on the Bible, not any man.   The Bible is more than a collection of the best information about Jesus, it is the Word of God.  God Himself divinely inspired  men to write every word of the Bible.

Was Jesus just an extraordinary man or was he truly the Savior of the world?  Is Jesus the only way to get to heaven or will our good deeds get us there?  Did God really sacrifice His only begotten Son for us or is John 3:16 just another verse in the Bible?  These questions and many, many more are answered in this book.

In Matthew 16:13-20, Jesus ask His disciples “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?”  There is no question in my mind that the writer knows  Jesus for himself.   But who is Jesus and what is He to you?  Maybe you have not yet put your faith in Jesus and if that’s the case you really need to read this book.  Time is running out  and one day we will have to give account for our acceptance or rejection of who Jesus is in our lives.

Who Is Jesus?, is a book worth reading.  The truth is in the scripture and the scripture is in this book.