Jesus 1For years now people have been fighting over the fact that is Jesus and Santa Clause black or White. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly sparked outrage this week by insisting that Jesus and Santa Claus are both white, saying it’s “ridiculous” to argue that depicting Christ and St. Nick as Caucasian is “racist.” My Opinion on this, is does it matter if they are black or white? Santa still gonna deliver presents with his reindeers, still going to live at the north pole, still going to have a naughty or nice list and still going to have elf’s. BUT I have to remind you that Santa Clause is somebody who people made up, ( i hope no little kids read this LOL). Santa Clause is not real but Jesus is real, and does it matter that Jesus is black or white because at the end of the day his race does not change who he is. What if Jesus is white? Does that mean he not sinless? Does that mean he not a savior? What if Jesus is black? Does that mean he has no power? Does that mean he didn’t die for our sins?

I know there are People out there who have been studying and researching this subject for years who know A LOT more than I do and they have came together and formalated educated guesses, on if Jesus is black or white but what I do know is that an educated guess is at best still a Guess. I believe that the reason nobody can say for a fact and 100% prove Jesus  was black or white is because Jesus don’t want us to be so worried about his race, but rather be worried about the lost souls in this would that are ALL RACES, he wants us to worry about making disciples,loving one another, and praising him and lifting his name. His race does not change that he died on one friday, his race does not change that he stayed there all night saturday and his race does not changed that early sunday morning he got up with ALL POWER.

dr king

Martin Luther King Jr. claimed that Jesus was white, after being asked why God created Jesus as a white man.King responded that the color of Christ’s skin didn’t matter. “Jesus would have been just as important “if His skin had been black.” He “is no less significant because His skin was white.”

Few Americans went on public record against King when he asserted Jesus had white skin in the 1950s. Today, thousands upon thousands from virtually every race and tribe of Americans have taken Kelly’s words seriously and seriously disdained them.

Challenges to Christ’s whiteness have a long history, too.

billyFamed evangelist Billy Graham preached in the 1950s, and then wrote emphatically in his autobiography “Just As I Am,” that, “Jesus was not a white man.”

But Graham was far from the first American to contradict the whiteness of Jesus. That honor goes to Methodist and Pequot Indian William Apess.

In 1833, he wrote to white Christians, “You know as well as I that you are not indebted to a principle beneath a white skin for your religious services but to a colored one.”

Almost 100 years later, the Jamaican born, “back-to-Africa” spokesman Marcus Garvey told his followers, “Never admit that Jesus Christ was a white man, otherwise he could not be the Son of God and God to redeem all mankind. Jesus Christ had the blood of all races in his veins.”

In our age, the color of Christ has become both politically dangerous and the butt of jokes.

In 2008, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s words “God damn America” and “Jesus was a poor black boy” almost derailed then-Sen. Barack Obama from winning the Democratic primary.

All the chatter about Jesus being white (or not) shows how much America has changed. There used to be “whites’ only” restaurants and schoolrooms. Now, even Jesus cannot be called white without repercussions. There is still racism in this world its not dead Black people have come a LONG way but we still have a LONG way to go.

What the debate hides, however, is what Jesus of the Bible actually did and how he related to people.The gospels are full of discussions about Jesus and bodies. He healed the blind and those who suffered from disease. He touched and was touched by the sick. His body was pierced by thorns, a spear and nails. And he died. THIS IS FACT AND 100% TRUTH. If you Jesus Is in you that should make it what every Color you are .


I understand that some people say Jesus was not back or white but I was only speak on the black or white subject because  of what the new anchor said.

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