2016 was a surprising year for me, but as always the Lord was gracious and merciful. 2016 went nothing like I thought it would but it was one of the best years of my life. I thought that it would be a normal year for me, that I would continue to work in ministry, grow friendship and get closer to family oh that I would be still living in California. On August 15 I moved from northern California to Jacksonville Florida. That was the biggest and most surprising event that happened to me this year. I have no complaints for 2016. I wouldn’t change anything that happened all of it prepared me for this season in my life. This past year I learned some of the things that I knew of but didn’t actually believe in or was fully invested in. 2016 made me a believer of those things and I will try my best to show people that these will help them in the future. Here are 5 things 2016 thought me.

 1. Cheap Is Not Always Best


2. Your Gift Will Make Room For You


3. People Are Watching You

Young man with lens

4. Going The Extra Mile Is Good For You


5. Niceness Goes A Long Way


What Have 2016 Taught You?